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Nov 28 – Becoming a white antiracist

SIETAR BC and Langara College present Becoming a White Antiracist.

In this workshop, Dr. Traoré will discuss the process, challenges, and breakthroughs in learning to be a white antiracist or ally. His presentation will include a focused overview of critical whiteness studies, white antiracism research, and white racial identity development theory. This is not an introduction to racism event, and so is suitable for people who already accept the following truths: a) racism exists, b) it manifests in different ways, c) its existence is independent of hate, d) we live in a racialized society, and e) we are all shaped and impacted by it in various ways and degrees—with some as its historical targets and others as its historical beneficiaries irrespective of any individuals’ personal intention, desire, or choice.

Thursday, November 28
5:00–7:00 pm | L216
Free registration

In order for participants to reflect, digest, and discuss the stages of white racial identity development, this workshop will involve small group activities and silent circles. Attendees should note that the focus of this event is not on racialized people’s experience with racism, but on ‘whiteness’. While some participants may find it unlike conventional views on the perspective or even challenging, attendees are asked to keep an open mind and help create an atmosphere of exploration, intellectual curiosity, mutual respect, and self-reflection.

This event is supported by the Department of Internationalization, in support of the College’s Internationalization Strategy. All employees are invited to register to attend this session.

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