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Workday Q&A: Raymond Yeung on Hiring

This week was our first week of User Confirmation Sessions, an opportunity for faculty, staff, and leaders to complete certain processes and scenarios in Workday using our how-to guides before training begins. We invited over 175 people from across the community to participate based on their role and the work they will do in Workday.

We’ll be sharing some stories from these sessions to give you an idea what people think of their first Workday experience.

Q&A with Raymond Yeung, Manager of Facilities Services

1. Describe your role at the College and how it relates to the session you attended.
As Manager of Facilities Services, my team and I are responsible for many of the daily operational activities that happen behind the scenes at the college to keep things running smoothly, from office moves to events to receiving goods. We need a diverse set of skills and talent on the team, so the session I attended on the hiring process in Workday seemed like a good fit!

2. What were some of the tasks or scenarios that you completed in the session?
I ran through a typical hiring process. It started with the creation of a Job Requisition in Workday (which replaces our current Staffing Request Form). From there, we went through all the steps including posting, reviewing candidates, scheduling interviews, making a hiring decision and offer, and ended with some preliminary onboarding.

3. What was the most challenging task/scenario? The easiest?
Creating the Job Requisition looked a bit overwhelming at first because there were so many fields to go through, but when you think about it, it is actually replacing not only the Staffing Request Form but all the steps we normally perform now to confirm and update the job description and requirements prior to posting. Taking it slow and following along with the written documentation was helpful, and I imagine it would be a breeze once you become more familiar with the interface. All of the steps were actually quite easy, and moving the process along was as simple as pressing a button.

4. What was something that surprised you about Workday? What was your favourite feature?
One pleasant surprise was how the system was already pre-populated with necessary information. For example, when I created a new job posting I didn’t need to go searching for an old word document to copy and paste the job description and details over, because it was already there. In the past, hiring always seemed to involve at least half a dozen spreadsheets, PDFs and Word documents in various folders, but I was able to go through the whole simulation without having to leave my desk or leaving the Workday window, and that’s amazing.

5. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being amazing), how would you rate your overall experience using Workday?
Since I used the word amazing just a second ago, I will have to rate Workday a 10. The system looks clean and modern, and was incredibly fast and responsive. There aren’t many changes that we can make in our daily routine that can completely flip the switch on efficiency, but I believe this is one that can actually do that and it’s pretty exciting.

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