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Workday At Langara Erp

Workday training preview

As we prepare for our go-live on January 6, 2020, we’ll be offering many different ways for you to learn more about Workday. below, please find a preview of when you will get to try out Workday, how you’ll learn to navigate and use the system, and where you’ll find resources to help you.

More details on our training plan can be found on our project website, including some training-focused frequently asked questions.

Training for everyone

Demo Series
Oct 29 – Nov 15
Our demo series will introduce you to Workday and show you how to navigate through the system. These will be a combination of general sessions for all Langara staff and faculty members as well as some specialized sessions for specific roles, such as managers of people or budgets.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
Nov 25 – Dec 6

Our instructor-led training will be divided into training for all employees (faculty and staff) and training for employees who oversee people (directors, managers, deans, div. chairs, dept. chairs, assistant chairs and coordinators) or budgets (cost centre managers). Sessions will cover relevant topics for your role at the College and include detailed walkthroughs of different processes. Training will be offered online and in person. More details will be available in early November.

Refresher Series and Support
January 2020

After go-live, we’ll go over how to navigate the Workday Training SharePoint site, resources on the most common workflows in Workday, and where to find help in the event of technical difficulties. You’ll also be able to review our instructor-led training and access a variety of support materials (how-to videos, user guides, etc.). There will also be opportunities for specialized and/or follow-up training if needed.

Specialized training

Manager and Budget Officer Orientation
November 2019

These brief sessions for individuals who manage people or budgets will help them understand what their roles will look like in Workday, from daily tasks to key responsibilities. Orientation will be in addition to their instructor-led training sessions on specific topics. People leaders and budget officers can expect direct communication about how to sign up for orientation sessions.

People & Culture and Finance Dept. Training
December 2019

As our People and Culture and Finance teams will be major users of Workday, we’ll have individualized training for these depts., led by subject matter experts in each process and organized with their leaders.

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