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Nov 13 – immunization clinic

Did you know that the World Health Organization estimates that vaccines save 2-3 million lives worldwide every year?

Many of the diseases vaccines prevent are now rarely seen in Canada, largely because of vaccine programs. But the germs that cause these diseases still exist and some of these diseases such as measles and mumps still occur in small numbers in Canada. If vaccination rates drop, these small numbers of diseases could quickly become outbreaks and epidemics of disease. Many of these diseases are still quite common in other countries. Without protection from vaccines, these diseases would spread quickly and outbreaks would occur (Reference: Immunize BC).

Vaccines don’t just protect the people getting vaccinated; they protect everyone around them too. The more people in a community who are vaccinated, the harder it is for a disease to spread.

As part of our Health and Wellness Fair on November 13, we will offer employees and students an opportunity to receive MMR and Td vaccinations at an Immunization Clinic on Campus.

Both of these vaccines are approved by Health Canada and are free with your BC Services Card.

For more information on immunizations, visit Immunize BC or HealthLink BC.

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