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Academic Announcment

QAPA: A reflection

The recent celebration of Quality Week at Langara offers us an opportunity to reflect on the work of individuals who have made it their job to help the institution develop quality assurance processes, like program review. It is important to remember the formal process of program review is relatively new for Langara. We have come a long way in a short time due to the hard work of enthusiastic faculty members and staff. I would like to acknowledge that work and thank everyone who has been a part of program review. 

Program Review launched in Fall 2013 with two program review facilitators, Janet Douglas and June Parnell. Charged with the task of leading instructional departments through a facilitated process, these two faculty members assisted departments  to produce a detailed self-study document complete with recommendations and action plan.  Over the next 6 years, the TCDC team that supported program review grew and changed, each person bringing their unique expertise to the pursuit of quality.  Departments who participated in this process reported how much they enjoyed it. Faculty members from a variety of disciplines expressed their appreciation for the knowledgable and thoughtful approach of Janet, June, and the rest of the faculty in TCDC. TCDC  continues to work with departments to ensure programs are exactly what our students need to succeed.  And the new Office of Academic Quality Assurance can demonstrate to the Ministry we are doing just that. As we continue to develop a quality assurance infrastructure at Langara College, it is good to remember all the work that has been done to get us here, and recognize the individuals and departments who have done that work. 

Margaret Heldman
Associate VP, Academic
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