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Workday Q&A: Adrian Lipsett on Navigating

We’re continuing our User Confirmation Sessions, an opportunity for faculty, staff, and leaders to complete certain processes and scenarios in Workday using our how-to guides before training begins. We invited over 175 people from across the community to participate based on their role and the work they will do in Workday.

We’ll be sharing some stories from these sessions to give you an idea what people think of their first Workday experience.

Q&A with Adrian Lipsett, Program Manager, Creative & Applied Arts, Continuing Studies

1. Describe your role at the College and how it relates to the session you attended.
I manage the Creative and Applied Arts programs within Continuing Studies. As I have a number of direct reports, it’s crucial that I gain as confident an understanding about Workday as possible before we go live on January 6. While the UCS isn’t a training session, it gave me an excellent opportunity to see Workday in action and to begin to familiarize myself with some of the common processes that will be housed there.

2. What were some of the tasks or scenarios that you completed in the session?
The session I attended had to do with how we, as administrators, will view and edit our profiles, as well as request and approve leaves within Workday.

3. What was the most challenging task/scenario? The easiest?
All of the tasks were quite simple: once I became familiar with the system, it was merely a matter of following a few logical steps. Perhaps I should have asked for harder scenarios?

4. What was something that surprised you about Workday? What was your favourite feature?
I was a bit surprised that Workday could tell me (to the day) how old each of my children are. I wasn’t expecting that, but helpful though! I think in terms of my favourite feature, I’d say the vacation request and approval: the turnaround time is brief and the process simple. It suggests other processes will likewise be streamlined for our administrative enjoyment!

5. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being amazing), how would you rate your overall experience using Workday?
I would give my experience an 8. It’s a big improvement over current processes and, generally, the layout is logical and easy to navigate. The training supports are thoughtfully prepared and I’m assured there won’t be mass team scrambling upon implementation. The system seemed slow on a few of the processes, but I suspect this was a workstation issue rather than a server-based issue.

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