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Book sales at UW Craft Fair

Within the United Way Craft Fair held in the Main Foyer in October, instructors from the departments of Psychology, and of History/Latin/Political Science, held a bargain sale of used books that they had donated, to raise funds for Langara’s United Way campaign. Books were only a toonie a book, a steal of a deal, and to everybody’s surprise, they raised $573! Congratulations, to the wonderful guys and gals of those two departments!

Our Langara U.W. Committee would like to try the same sort of thing at the next Craft Fair here, starting the week of Monday, November 25. Are there any two (or more) departments out there who’d like to take a shot at this? Apart from a few obvious exceptions (e.g. instructor’s manuals with banks of test questions in them), any type of books will do –it doesn’t have to be books from your specific discipline. In October, we had novels, graphic novels, cookbooks, dictionaries, biographies, histories, travel books, poetry, children’s books, old textbooks, art books, photography books, as well as serious academic books.

Even raising half the amount for United Way that the October one did would be great, so if you think you might be interested in trying this, please contact me by email or chat to me in person — and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have as to how to go about organizing it. Thanks very much for considering this.

United Way Employee Campaign Committee

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