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Workday@Langara Viewpoint: John Boylan

In addition to our status updates on Workday@Langara, we’ll also be sharing individual viewpoints from across our community who have roles within the project. Here, John Boylan, a member of our Academic Core Team, talks about what he’s been doing for the project.

Since September, I’ve spent some time with my colleague Erin Anderson visiting different faculty departments to provide an update on the project, give a quick demo of Workday, and answer some of their questions.

Wherever possible, we’ve been coordinating our Workday presentations with Justin Yau from IT, which has several changes coming this fall, including the new myLangara and 2-Factor Authentication. I believe visiting various groups together helps people make sense of how all our systems will work together.

Through these presentations as well as one-on-one meetings with our division chairs, I’ve been able to share how Workday will work for us, why some of our processes are changing, and how we’re aligning as an institution in terms of how we do things. It’s been rewarding to connect with various areas and hear how they do things.

In October, we started our User Confirmation Sessions, where we invited over 170 individuals – including faculty members to division chairs – to login to Workday and complete specific processes or tasks in Workday using how-to guides. Some of the scenarios we created for people to try were: recruiting and hiring a new faculty member, issuing an academic appointment (contract) and managing time off and leaves.

For the project team who have been working so diligently on this project over the past several months, it was exciting to finally get to show our new system to our colleagues outside the project team. Seeing people have a positive experience using Workday makes all the effort worthwhile!

With our upcoming demo series – including faculty-focused sessions – even more people from across the College will have the chance to see what we’ve been working on. I look forward to sharing this experience with them.

John Boylan
Academic Core Team

Curious about Workday?
Attend a demo session, register for training, or read through our updated FAQs, including questions about non-instructional duty time, sick time, and more.

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