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Aug 6-28: TCDC Workshops

Aug 6-28: TCDC workshops

TCCDC is offering a number of workshops in August to help set you up for the new term in September. Check out the list below and register early – space is limited. Topics range from course design and rubric development…

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QAPA: The Final Stage

QAPA: The final stage

We’re ready to talk about the final stage of the Quality Assurance Process Audit (QAPA): the Post-Site Visit. The first three stages were covered in our previous Post articles: First things first, The second stage, and What happens during the…

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QAPA: The Second Stage

QAPA: The second stage

We’ve covered the basics in our What is QAPA? article and touched on the Preparation stage – now let’s take a closer look at the Institution Report, the second stage of the QAPA process. Once our program review schedule is…

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QAPA: First Things First

QAPA: First things first

Read our first article: Have you heard of QAPA? Our Fall 2020 QAPA site visit can be broken into four stages: Preparation, Institution Report, Site Visit, and Post-Site Visit. In today’s article, we will look at the first stage: Preparation.…

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Have You Heard Of QAPA?

Have you heard of QAPA?

What's QAPA? QAPA stands for Quality Assurance Process Audit. QAPA is a fairly new external review process that helps to ensure post-secondary institutions  regularly assess program and institutional quality. QAPA first launched as a pilot project under  the Degree Quality…

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