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Power & Grace


Vancouver pianist Jon Kimura Parker has had nothing but rave reviews from critics, and his music has taken him all over the world. Although he now lives and teaches in Texas, Parker still considers the west coast his home. He connects the power and grace of his music to his multicultural upbringing in Vancouver. “I have always been proud to be Canadian, and equally proud to have a heritage which is half Japanese,” says Parker.

He has performed everywhere, from war-torn Sarajevo to New York’s Carnegie Hall. He knows he has been lucky. “I had the incredible advantage of music on both sides of my family,” he says. He is dedicated to sharing his advantages with others. As a part of the award winning performance group Piano Six, he has performed at schools and churches throughout the Canadian Arctic. The group of six of Canada’s finest pianists gives isolated communities the opportunity to listen to world class music. Each member dedicates a minimum of ten days a year to the cause. Besides concerts, they give recitals, master-classes, and teachers workshops in music. The group receives hundreds of letters from schools, children and adults who have been inspired by the group’s performances.

Many things have influenced Parker’s music, especially his mother’s sense of discipline and his father’s love of music. Parker continues to be an outstanding musical ambassador for Canada. His love of music and commitment to education inspires us all.

2001 Pacific Rim Cover. "Veiled Propositions" Cover Story. Image of woman wearing wedding veil.

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Issue 2001

Balance and Harmony

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