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Meet the 2020 Front End Developers

PRM’s Front End Developers Kirin Gosselin and Alayna Fairman talk about what it’s like to bring the website to life, making sure that every aspect of the original design is taken into account.   Question: What did you find most challenging about the position? Alayna: I think keeping code straight is one of the most […]

An interview with the 2020 U/X Team

Meet the 2020 U/X Team

Our User Interface Designer is making sure everything on our website is designed with you in mind! Navigation, efficiency, and clarity are Alexandre Jay’s main focus. He works with the Web Designers and the WordPress Development Team to ensure that the online PRM is completely accessible for all of our readers. Here, he shares his […]

Students worked from home to complete both the print and web editions of PRM

Working Hard or Hardly Working? Studying during COVID-19

All the people recommending to “find yourself” and “rest and recharge” during the pandemic have obviously never taken the Digital and Print Publishing Program! Being a college student during COVID-19 was no easy task. In particular, being in the DPUB program added an extra layer of… emotions, to say the least. We went from meeting […]

A bluebird, captured by photographer and DPUB student Alayna Fairman

Student Spotlight: Alayna Fairman

Meet Alayna Fairman. Not only does she excel at editing, production, and web development, she is also a skilled photographer! The beauty of nature doesn’t escape her eye, as she captures both the magnificence and delicacy of wildlife with her lens. Here, we talk about her experiences with photography. Question: What was your first experience […]

interview with Isabelle Orr

Student Spotlight: Isabelle Orr

Meet Isabelle Orr! This year, we couldn’t take profile pictures of our PRM team due to COVID-19, so she is the artist behind our profile icons, as well as the designer of the Digital and Print Publishing ad for PRM 2020. In this interview, we talk about her rediscovered passion for illustration. Question: When did […]

All PRM classes and meetings were held via Zoom

Zooming Around

Like the rest of the world, the Digital and Print Publishing program had to adapt to COVID restrictions. This included transitioning from face-to-face interactions to using Zoom, a video communication software that also allows users to chat, raise their hands, and go into separate breakout rooms to discuss scholarly topics such as upcoming dinner plans […]

An interview with the 2020 Editorial and Promotions team

Meet the 2020 Editorial and Promotions Team

Meet the 2020 Editorial and Promotions Team  This year, the Promotions and Editorial teams have joined forces to bring you engaging content! With only three members, they have been working hard writing new posts and interviewing their fellow PRM teammates. From updating our Behance page to making sure every post is in tip-top grammatical shape, they have their hands full. […]

Instructor Kevin McMillan's impressive guitar collection

Q&A with Instructor Kevin McMillan

Meet Kevin McMillian is an instructor for the Digital and Print Publishing program’s summer semester and the Web and Mobile App Design and Development program. When he’s not teaching at Langara College or Emily Carr University, he enjoys shredding on his many guitars. In this interview, we see through the lens of a professor, as […]