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An interview with the 2020 U/X Team

Meet the 2020 U/X Team


Our User Interface Designer is making sure everything on our website is designed with you in mind! Navigation, efficiency, and clarity are Alexandre Jay’s main focus. He works with the Web Designers and the WordPress Development Team to ensure that the online PRM is completely accessible for all of our readers. Here, he shares his experience in the Digital and Print Publishing program. 


How do you feel about the program ending? 

I’m excited that the program is ending. We learned so many skills and covered so many topics that I feel prepared for a job in the industry. I can’t wait to see what my first job will be!


What kind of work are you looking for? 

When I entered the DPUB program, I was sure I would only be interested in graphic design work. But this program made me realize that almost all jobs in the creative industries have a visual design element! With that in mind, I feel like a production or technical-related career would suit me perfectly. 


What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

Graphic design is the most significant thing I learned in the program. When I started at Langara, I had no idea what design components added to an excellent layout. After only one year, I learned how fonts, sizes, and colours can communicate something. Most importantly, I discovered how all of those elements fit together. Once you understand the rules of composition, you can play with them to create unique designs.


What advice do you have for future students? 

The program can feel overwhelming sometimes, with a lot of deadlines to meet in many different classes. It’s a deadline-driven industry, so you have to learn to manage your time wisely. Don’t aim for perfection; don’t be the “A+ or nothing” student. Use the opportunity of being at school to try and fail—this is the best way to learn.