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An interview with the 2020 Editorial and Promotions team

Meet the 2020 Editorial and Promotions Team


Meet the 2020 Editorial and Promotions Team 

This year, the Promotions and Editorial teams have joined forces to bring you engaging content! With only three members, they have been working hard writing new posts and interviewing their fellow PRM teammates. From updating our Behance page to making sure every post is in tip-top grammatical shape, they have their hands full. Isabelle, Eugenia, and Taylor  reminisce about their time in the program and everything they have learned.  


How do you feel about the program ending? Scared? Excited? Relieved? Exhausted?  

 Isabelle: Sad, because I’ll miss being in direct contact with my classmates! I think I’ll feel very listless and melancholy for a bit. I will remediate this feeling with 2-3 margaritas.  

 Eugenia: As Izzy said, I will miss everybody so much! It has been a super-intensive and demanding—yet unforgettable—year. I feel a little nervous too, because my life is going to be completely different in two weeks, but I am grateful for this amazing college experience. 

 Taylor: Being one of the part-time students of this program, it feels very surreal to finish. This program has taught me a lot in the two years I’ve stuck with it. It challenged me to persevere and keep an end goal in mind. I’ve made many great bonds, and I feel proud to call myself a publishing grad. I think it’ll be bittersweet when it ends, but I’m looking forward to what comes next. 


What was the most significant thing that you learned in the DPUB program?  

 I: I have always been someone who improvises as I go along, and when it came to projects—and creative work in general—this didn’t work! Planning and structure were the two traits I had to improve on, because when it comes to multiple-step assignments, you need to have everything planned out.  

 E: During this semester, something strange happened to me: suddenly all the typography lessons kicked in, and now I am kind of a font nerd. I get distracted when I read because I find myself looking at the leg of an R! There are beautiful and amazing things you can do with typography alone, and that’s one of my biggest learning outcomes from this program. I had never paid attention to that before. 

 T: I’ve never been much for organization. I always used to live by the motto of “there’s a method to the madness.” This program has cracked down on my messy ways and showed me that creativity can bloom even better when I have a little clarity. 


How has the program shaped your career goals? Are you excited to jump into a career?  

 I: I think the most significant change for me is realizing that “careers” can be creative in many different ways. You don’t have to be a beret-wearing artist to have a creative job. Working as an editor and doing some design work for PRM showed me that no matter what you do, you can put your own style and imagination into it.   

 E: Well, my goal from the beginning was to have a clear understanding of the tools I needed for the publishing industry, and I’m very happy about the number of things I have learned here. But, what this program really did was strengthen my editing skills in ways that have given me real confidence in what I can do as an editor. That’s where my career goals are now. 

 T: The DPUB program allows you to wear many hats! When I first started, I grew to love graphic design and realized I had a knack for it. Initially, I was only interested in the writing component of it. I’m glad for the array of skills this experience has taught me because I’ve never felt more sure about a career path until now. 


 What advice do you have for future students? 

 I: There is a nice women’s bathroom just in front of the lab—it says it’s a teacher’s bathroom, but anyone can go there. Get the chana masala if they have it in the cafeteria. Also, keep all of your notes, assignments, and files on a hard drive. You might need your Photoshop notes in 2026! 

 E: Be patient and kind to yourself. We come from very different backgrounds—even countries— and not everybody has previous experience in the industry. And that is absolutely fine! Also, and this is not news, try to be on top of things, because homework and assignments will pile up pretty quickly. The instructors are amazing: don’t be afraid to ask them questions or for help. I did it many times! 

 T: Keep your desktop organized!