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Our 2018 Website is Live!


As you can see from the drastic change in look, we are excited to announce the 2018 Pacific Rim website!

Each year undergoes a makeover, from the colour scheme, to the menu, to the 404 page (we make it fun to get lost). The team are big fans of the previous website, but were ready for a complete overhaul. Using the print magazine as a guiding anchor, we infused the web pages with blocks of pastels to create a modern, visually appealing experience. In many ways, it is like scrolling through a print magazine.

As design-driven individuals, our desire to create stunning collections of words, photography, and illustration has been a driving force. First, we determined the look we wanted to create, then we asked ourselves how to make that happen.

Along with impeccable design, we let our theme of Transition guide us. In our own lives, and increasingly the world we live in, change is the only constant. So, it is with this knowledge that we fearlessly let go of almost everything PRM had done before us, and reinvented ourselves. You’ll notice visual representations of Transition in images like our sunrise, or the constant shift between colours in the undulating homepage gradient.

One last reminder: it took two and a half months to produce the print issue, and, incredibly, only one and a half months to create its online counterpart. We have mentioned the process of creating Pacific Rim Magazine’s website through a few blog and social media posts, but would like to once again inform you this is 100% student-made. The rest of the PRM team would like to truly congratulate our Web Designers and WordPress Team on an incredible feat.

So please take a look around and perhaps linger on our latest articles, now available digitally.