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Masthead 2002


Pacific Rim Magazine


Executive Editor

Zara Heartwood

Managing Editor

Julia McKnight

Senior Editor

Anna Comfort

Associate Editors

Stacy Cooke
Eaon Walkker


Art Director

Courtney Jacobsen

Associate Art Director

Christine Mangosing

Assistant Art Directors

Jessalynn Sismundo
Stuart Trann

Photo Editor

Jocelyn Wilson

Associate Photo Editor

Rachelle Leduc

Fact Sheet Editor / Designer

Lindsay Todd

Fact Sheet Designers

Sonya Fuller
Rachelle Leduc


Cindy Jaswal


Production Director

Michelle Frank

Associate Production Director

Serge van der Stegen

Assistant Production Director

Brianna Neil

Designers / Production Artists

Jemma Biro
Sarah Breau
Sonya Fuller
Dave Lee-Son
Kim Sutherland
Felicia Yee


Promotions Director

Heather Kirk


Ad Traffic Manager

Melissa Boyd

Assistant Ad Traffic Manager

Zuleika Gedeon

Ad Designers

Sarah Breau
Lucy Calero
Lori Dagg
Josephine Ma
Felicia Yee

2002 Pacific Rim Cover. "Armed with Dragons." Cover Story. Image of woman with tattooed arm.

This team produced:

Issue 2002

Made in Canada

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