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Masthead 2010


Pacific Rim Magazine


Managing Editor

Brad Zembic

Associate Editor

Becky McEachern

Features Editor

Sally White

Special Sections Editors

Simon Furminger
Allie Nichol


Art Director

Kevin Tsia

Assistant Art Directors

Karen Low
Jodran Petryk
Alexander Wells

Designers/Production Artists

Kayla Deans
Chelsea Goodman
Candice Harvey
Dinah Quan
Sarah Wilson.

Photo Editor

Nina McAuley


Production Director

Raymond Wong

Associate Production Director

Kenneth Fagan

Production Artists

Julie Min
Aaron Ricker

Image Specialist

Ivanna Skrypnyk


Ad Traffic Manager

Meghan Strain

Associate Ad Traffic Manager

Alicia Rebman

Ad Designers/Production Artists

Dre Autelitano
Danny Quach
Alicia Rebman
Aaron Ricker
Jessica Verlinden


Promotions Director

Caitlin Hallingham

Associate Promotions Directors

Geane da Silver
Jessica Verlinden

Promotion Co-Ordinator

Malyna Seng
2010 Pacific Rim Cover, Image of woman covered in gold jewelry and adornments.

This team produced:

Issue 2010

Cultural Crossovers

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