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Masthead 2011


Pacific Rim Magazine


Managing Editor

Alexa Love

Associate Editors

Jessica Thompson
Stacey Hooper

Assistant Managing Editor

Mel Zee

Features Editor

Mina Deol

Special Features Editor

Natasha Marios

Food Editor

Becky Jack

Staff Writer

Nicola Humphrey


Art Director

Esther Yeun

Associate Art Director

Joi T. Arcand

Assistant Art Director

Joshua Seinen

Photo Editor

Scarlett Poole

Production/Layout Artists

Travis Kowalski
Keara Mager
Scarlett Pool
Fabrizio Romano
Kristy Williams


Production Director

Samantha Wagner

Associate Production Director

Rob Koch

Assistant Production Director

Darian Tichler

Production Artists

Travis Kowalski
Fabrizia Romano
Lawrence Sarabia

Production Artists/Image Specialists

Jessica Li
Kristy Williams


Ad Traffic Manager

Leah Morris

Associate Ad Traffic Manager

Jessica Li

Ad Designers/Production Artist

Steven Graves
Becky Jack
Katharina Javier
Felicia Kurnadi
Darian Tichler
Samantha Winfield
2011 Cover of Pacific Rim. Image of David Y.H. Lui and three ballerinas.

This team produced:

Issue 2011

Taking Centre Stage

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