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Masthead 2012


Pacific Rim Magazine


Executive/Environmental Editor

Meaghan McAneeley

Managing Editor/Travel Editor

Sarah Winton

Senior Editor/Food Editor

Tina Galanopoulos

Associate Editor

Maria Olaguera

Features Editor

April McIntyre


Art Director

Kristy Condon

Associate Art Director

Lila Smith

Photo Editor

Robyn Humphreys

Production/Layout Artists

Janelle Huber
Christine Knoll
Danielle St.Laurent


Production Director

Tammy Nguyen

Associate Production Director

Colin Morgan

Production Artists

Amy Goodman
Lyza J. Heyden

Production Artists / Image Specialists

Robyn Humphreys
Nicole Stishenko


Ad Traffic Manager

Christine Tseng

Associate Ad Traffic Manager

Laurel Thomson

Ad Designers / Production Artists

Cheyenne Blefare
Valerie Farlette
Lyza J. Heyden
Nicole Stishenko


Promotions Director

Janine Williams

Associate Promotions Directors

Cheyenne Blefare
Nicole Pennock
2012 Pacific Rim Cover, "Remembering Chinatown." Image of man standing next to bicycle in Chinatown.

This team produced:

Issue 2012

Then and Now

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