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Green Coffee: Rethinking the Bean


Green coffee is neutral in taste and does not have the full body, or sometimes bitter taste, that coffee has. All coffee begins as green beans; the bold flavour in coffee happens when the beans get roasted. A common misconception with new green coffee drinks is that, because they lack the bold taste of coffee, they do not have caffeine. Instead of being roasted, green coffee beans are soaked in water, and the concentrate is used to make drinks. Green coffee extract is essentially a concentrated form of caffeine. The green coffee extract is combined with fresh fruit juices for both coffee and non-coffee lovers to enjoy. A standard size drink contains slightly less caffeine than green tea—not too bad for those looking for a little kick-start to their day. Not everyone wants the strong taste of coffee all the time, so when a bit of energy is needed, green coffee drinks are perfect for all.

The Origins Of Coffee

Legend has it that an Ethiopian goatherd by the name of Kaldi discovered the coffee plant on a starry night. Kaldi was deep asleep in the middle of a dream when he was awakened by the sounds of his goats frolicking around. Curious to why his herd was awake, he set to find out what was making his goats so rambunctious. While on his quest he noticed that his herd had been nibbling on some red berries from a nearby tree. Curious, Kaldi tasted the luscious red fruit and was instantly invigorated. From there the history of the magical coffee bean began. Now whether or not there is any creditability to the legend, who knows, – but if it’s good enough for goats to eat, it should be good enough for us to drink, right?

Green Coffee Bean Extract: A Healthier Alternative?

Green coffee bean extract has an abundance of health benefits that include speeding up metabolism, controlling body fat, and suppressing appetite.


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