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aussie pie guy

Aussie Pie Guy
Words Graham McFie

The Trifecta brings you the thrilling flavours of a bacon cheeseburger, neatly sealed in a pie crust—and like eating a burger, you won’t need any utensils. The pie guys jokingly suggest that you eat your pie the way Australians do: “Stick it in your pie hole.”British Columbia minced beef, BC double-smoked bacon, and vintage cheddar, all smothered in gravy, are loaded inside the unassuming crust. While the initial appearance isn’t much, one bite will dissolve that opinion. Add on a side like the mandarin salad (made with almonds, feta cheese, and mild curry dressing) and you’ve reached perfect dining harmony.For an even $10 (including tax) for pie and salad, it’s easy to do as their menu suggests and “indulge” in The Trifecta.

Words Chris Baxter

The damp chill of the Pacific Ocean, combined with the enticing smell of fish tacos emanating from Tacofino’s White Lightning food truck, is reminiscent of a winter getaway to Vancouver Island’s surf town of Tofino, British Columbia, where Tacofino got its start. Now, with two restaurants in Vancouver and several food trucks roaming the streets, Tacofino has earned a reputation for making some of the best tacos on the West Coast.While the fish tacos (with crispy ling cod, shredded cabbage, salsa fresca, and chipotle mayo on a flour tortilla) are Tacofino’s inspiration, White Lightning’s menu offers plenty of choices. Other options include fish, chicken, or vegetarian burritos, chicken karaage tacos, and pork gringas, all of which, for around $10, make a substantial and delicious meal.

Le Tigre
Words Eric Berndt

Crafted from hand-breaded, deep-fried chicken tossed with Thai chillies, basil, and mint, That Fricken Chicken lives up to its name.Since their opening three years ago, Le Tigre’s creative food combinations have made them stand out in Vancouver’s food truck scene. Their complex contemporary Chinese dishes and local ingredients have kept customers coming back for more.For vegetarians, options such as the Angry Kitty Cat Squares, made from fried rice, and the Crack Salad pack a tasty punch. The Kickass Rice bowl, Le Tigre’s signature dish, starts with Japanese rice infused with sake and lemongrass, and is topped with an oozing poached egg, creamy coleslaw, and your choice of That Fricken Chicken or pieces of juicy pork belly—either option is delicious.

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