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Growing Alternatives



Bamboo Beats

How many pairs of plastic headphones have you thrown out in your life? Bamboo encased headphones provide great sound quality as well as durability, and the bamboo parts are biodegradable.


After discovering that bamboo can be grown in many parts of Canada, Ontario brewer Bamboo Beer Limited has developed a tasty lager. Craft brewers take note: bamboo can be grown in your backyard.

Biodegradable Bicycle

Not only are bamboo bicycle frames unique, they are better for the environment than their steel and aluminum counterparts. Some road cyclists favour bamboo bike frames because they are lightweight, with excellent vibration control.



Smokin’ Sunnies

Emerging company Hemp Eyewear has their first sunglasses model, the Crosby, available for buyers. No two pairs are exactly alike.
With an earthy yet chic aesthetic, hemp sunnies are making their way into the market.

Dope Diapers

Being highly absorbent and naturally antimicrobial, hemp is an ideal material for re-usable diapers. They can save you a buck or two and cause less diaper rash!

Herbal Hops

Some breweries have created refreshing beers infused with hemp. A local favourite is Bowen Island Reef Break Hemp Blonde Ale, a light, creamy beer reminiscent of an amber ale.

Hemp Denim

Hemp Blue is an LA company creating stylish hemp denim clothing. Denim made out of hemp requires less pesticides and water than traditional cotton jeans.


Shroomy Surfboard

Eco-friendly mushroom surfboards are being developed by Ecovative, a New York company. These boards are not yet mass-produced, but Ecovative encourages you to grow your own mushroom surfboard with a kit from their Grow-It-Yourself platform.

Mush Light

The Mush-Lume Lighting Collection is the creation of Brooklyn design firm, Danielle Trofe Design. The collection features lampshades grown from mushroom mycelium.

Beer for the Fun Guy

Mushrooms are used by craft brewers to enrich their beers. Shroominous, a brown ale from Blank Slate Brewing Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio, is brewed with shiitakes, and Snörkel, a saison from Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas, is brewed with oyster mushrooms.


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