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A Fetching Solution


There are a lot of barriers to owning a dog. Many apartments do not allow dogs or some family members are allergic. There is the added expense of food and vet bills. It can be difficult to make the time to properly care for a pet. The good news is, in today’s flourishing technology sphere, there’s an app for that.

GoFetch was developed by a Vancouver-based company and is now available in many cities in Canada. The app connects dog walkers and sitters with dog owners. Depending on what the owners’ needs are, they can seek out walkers for day-to-day service or sitters for extended stays. Former GoFetch brand and content specialist Sydnee Christian says a lot of people would like to have a dog but are not able to look after one.

The benefits of connecting dog walkers and sitters with dog owners are plentiful, and are not only limited to companionship. Christian explains many walkers on GoFetch use the app to stay fit, and state in their walker and sitter bio that “they can run with dogs if the owner is okay with that.”

Christian says that walkers and sitters, beyond improving their cardiovascular health, love “being around dogs because it decreases stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and it can help people with depression. People understand that dogs are invaluable to us. Just being around a dog, even for a 15-minute walk, can completely change someone’s mood.” Not to mention, if you’re a walker with GoFetch, you get paid for your services.


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