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Sing Sing's interior

Sing Sing Beer Bar


Sing Sing Beer Bar is one of Mount Pleasant’s newest and most lively additions. With lights dimmed, music up, drinks flowing, and people bustling, this late-night comfort food spot fits in perfectly with the cool shops and eateries that make up Main Street. We went to Sing Sing on one of the first nights it was open, excited to try a beer bar that showcases both pizza and pho in a fusion of East-meets-West flavours.

As we walked in, we were enticed by the bright neon “Sing Sing” sign illuminating the storefront. We admired the floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ample viewing opportunities from inside the large, open space. A communal dining arrangement creates a laidback feel and is the perfect backdrop to visit with friends all day, as they are open from 11:30am to 1am.

We ordered the Sesame Avocado Slaw, a reinvention of traditional coleslaw; it combines crispy vegetables with crunchy taro and a zesty sambal dressing, giving the slaw a slight sweetness. We also sampled the Kimchi Grilled Cheese, which pairs creamy mozzarella cheese with tangy savoy cabbage and spicy mayo, creating a beautifully balanced bite.

Sing Sing had a daily special the day we visited: half-priced pizza (regular-priced pizza ranges from $13 to $15). Naturally, we had to order pizza. The standout slice for us was the Pesto Pizza, which came topped with basil leaves, chunks of parmesan, roasted shrimp, and was generously garnished with fresh arugula. The crust was coated with toasted sesame seeds, adding a pleasant crunch.

Sing Sing's pizza.
Sing Sing’s pizza crust is coated with sesame seeds for added texture.

To ensure we had the full Sing Sing experience, we ordered the Phở Gà Sing Sing: a heartwarming medley of roasted chicken, basil sprouts, and quail eggs. The broth was salty and savoury with a touch of basil that deepened the flavour. A hint of star anise added a kick of licorice-like sweetness. Pho and pizza were a surprisingly perfect pairing and satisfied our appetite for comfort food.

Sing Sing offers an ample selection of local draught beer with 20 rotating taps. The choices change frequently so beer-lovers will have something new to try each visit. Cocktail options showcase fusion flavours with fun drinks like the Saigon Sour and the Ginbucha. In addition to satisfying thirsty customers, Sing Sing caters to a variety of dietary preferences and allergies with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Sing Sing delivers delicious food in a laidback atmosphere. The impressive menu, variety of drinks, and amazing daily specials make this a must-visit spot. On Main Street, where funky shops and cool eateries are plentiful, Sing Sing Beer Bar fits right in.

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