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And last but not PRM’s 2013 Promotions Department!


At the start of PRM production back in February, the students of Langara’s Publishing Program applied for jobs in the various departments introduced on this blog. I landed the role of directing social media for the magazine which fell into the Promotions Department, along with my colleagues Joanna and Paul, who earned their roles of planning the launch of PRM 2013. Having been in various work environments prior to starting this program it has been my experience that the adage of “birds of a feather flock together” generally proves to be true. So it was to my initial amusement to see two people whose personalities (and physical appearance) sat on almost polar opposite ends of the scale, being tasked with planning the launch party of PRM. Was there going to be tables dressed with white gerbera daisies combined with pirate-themed party favors, all to a background soundtrack of Iron Maiden?

I should have known better. These two individuals, despite the perfect conditions for an oil and water mixture, have collaborated, cooperated, and compromised on every decision needed to make the launch a success. For two people with such different styles to work in incredible harmony, takes an immense amount of tact, sensitivity, a sense of humor and an ego that is largely in check. I have learned a lot from working with these two first-class people—congratulations Paul and Joanna—let the celebrations begin!



PRM Promotions Department


Name: Joanna Finlay

PRM Job Title: Promotions Director

Best thing about working on PRM: It’s been great watching the skills that we have all acquired over the past few months being used to create a tangible product. I also got a free 8-pack of beer, that was cool.

If you were planning a dinner party and could invite five people, who would you invite? To be honest, I’ve always sort of hated this question. Although there are tons of people that have affected my life creatively, intellectually, artistically, emotionally, and humorously, the thought of sitting down with them sounds like a terrifying and anxiety-ridden experience. Instead, I’m going to say that I wish I had the super power to round up any five of my friends and family who are scattered across the world whenever I wanted to on any given night. Also, I’d invite my mom…because when I told her about these questions she asked if she could be invited and I said yes.

In ten words or less, describe your job on PRM: P-A-R-T-Why? Cuz we gotsta. Also, ensuring that Paul and I never agree on anything 😉


Name: Paul Kasasian

PRM Job Title: Associate Promotions Director (AKA nuclear whipping boy)

Best thing about working on PRM: For me, the best part of working for PRM has been collaborating with all the great people. We’ve really gone out of our way to make sure everyone gets to contribute. We use an intricate form of democracy that consists of chest banging and yelling matches—think howler monkeys (only less poo flinging).

If you were planning a dinner party and could invite five people, who would you invite? History is full of wonderful characters. I’d probably start with Winston Churchill and Groucho Marx – get those two plastered and fun is bound to follow. Sir John A Macdonald was apparently a wonderful alcoholic too. Following that, I’d probably just go with Joesph Stalin and Batman (just because I’d want to see what would happen).

In ten words or less, describe your job on PRM: I organize promotional events and help students get their work noticed. (That’s 11 words, but it’s not fair that ‘I’ counts as a word)



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