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A Two-Prawned Tale

Spot prawns swim their way onto the menu.

Cheers to Beers

Surprise your taste buds with these refreshing Chinese brews.

The Many Faces of Mochi

More than just a sweet treat.

Restaurant Reviews – 2009

Restaurant reviews: Jang Mo Jib, Market, Sawasdee, Japadog.

Tremendous Twigs

A guide to the art and etiquette of chopsticks.

Importing Flavour

Getting Pacific Rim ingredients from ship to shore.

Fusion Fare

Reviews for Hapa Izakaya, Sanafir, and Wild Rice.

Coffee: You’ve Met Your Matcha

Matcha green tea is becoming popular across the West Coast.

History on the Half-Shell

The Kumamoto oyster flourishes on North American menus.

Worth Its Weight In Gold

What’s the deal with Kobe Beef?

Restaurant Reviews

Authentic Asian food for the urban diner.

Fusion Cutlery

Chopsticks for beginners.

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant reviews for SalaThai, Typhoon, Clove, and Banana Leaf

A Humble Little Bean

The surprisingly interesting history of soy.

Tough Market for B.C. Grown Ginseng

Market problems plague BC ginseng growers, despite a huge harvest last year.

Food Fight

Iron Chef TV show pits talented chefs against each other in an hour-long cook-off.


History behind the mandarin orange.

Tangerine, the Green Room, and Raku

Reviews of Vancouver restaurant’s Tangerine, Raku and the Green Room.

Bent on Bento

Not just a combo meal but an art form.

Warming up to Cold Sake

Everything you know about this trendy new drink is probably wrong.

Indonesian Infusion

A good barista keeps her ear to the grounds. She hears things. For instance, the clamouring for Javanese joe, the hottest blend in town.


Restaurant reviews for Gyoza King, Parker Place Mall Food Court, and Thai Away Home.

Restaurant Reviews 1999

What’s for lunch or dinner? Three restaurant reviews to whet your appetite.

The Story of Tea

The Chinese have extolled its nutritional and therapeutic effects for centuries. Now, Westerners are learning how tea enhances comfort and health.

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