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Globe-trotting: Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

Travel info about the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

Journey to the Top of the World

Taking on Mount Everest one step at a time.

Better City, Better Life?: The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai

For the first time, a developing country gets ready to host the 2010 World Expo.

The World of Professional Hosting

Choreographed flirtation, all-nighters, and maybe, a free Mercedes… welcome to the world of professional hosting.

Travel for the Year 2008

Quick facts about Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and China for 2008

The Colder Side of B.C.

The West Coast is becoming the hot spot for divers in the fall and winter.

The Long Road Home

Reverse culture shock plagues a Canadian after a year abroad.

Discover the Pacific Rim

Facts and vacation tips for the discerning traveller (China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand)

Travel Facts

Japan, China, Cambodia & Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand & Philippines, Vietnam & Burma

The Chapel at Stanley Park

Why Vancouver is the new matrimonial hotspot for couples from across the Pacific.

Medical Tourism

The changing face of tourism in Thailand.

Crime and Punishment in Singapore

Know the laws before you travel.

Sailing the Sonrisa

Cindy Finley’s account of her three-year journey around the Pacific Rim.

Caught in the Crossfire

One Canadian’s harrowing experience in Thailand.

Shipwrecks of the West Coast Trail

Before it became popular with hikers, the Ship’s Graveyard was notorious for its maritime disasters.

After Shock

Asia economic downturn stifles B.C.’s tourism industry.

Trekking the Rice Terraces of Batad

Straying from the beaten path leads to adventure.

First Class Warrior Empress

Memories of the luxury liner that once linked Vancouver to Asia.

A Letter From Zhangzhou

A past contributor to PRM relates his experiences while living and working in China.

On China’s Waterfront

Giving tourists reasons to get off the tour bus and put on their walking shoes.