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Published 2013

Impossible Choices
Masthead 2013

List of contributors to the 2013 issue.

Filipino Nannies: The Cost of Caring

Like many foreign nannies, Marilou Tuzon looks after other families in order to take care of her own.

End Of The Penny Sparks Local Creativity

The phasing out of the Canadian Penny brings opportunities for creativity.

Cosplay Reaches Across Borders

Cosplay – the act of dressing up as a character from popular culture – has worldwide popularity.

The Battle for Hollywood North

The future of Hollywood North is at risk.


Remote destination travel tips for the intrepid traveller.

Seekers International Stays Inspired

Seekers International charts his musical influences as his career takes off.

Restaurant Reviews

Four local dining hotspots: El Camino’s, The General Public, Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant, Moose’s Down Under.

Homelessness in Vancouver

The movement to end homelessness in Vancouver.

K-pop enjoys rising recognition in North America

K-pop, or Korean popular music, is making a push into the North American market.

Environmental Report Card

How green is Canada compared to the rest of the Pacific Rim?

I Am Canadiasian

Young Chinese-Canadians feel torn between two worlds.

An Honest Pursuit

Folk-rocker Jasper Sloan Yip gets set for the release of his third album.

Rescuing Pickles

International volunteers rescue an abandoned Taiwanese pup.

Fighting Fusion

Pidgin Restaurant serves up a side of controversy.

Passion Without Borders

Local volunteer starts community building organizations in Peru.

The Lost Kaiju

A cinematic mystery uncovered.

Holding the Note

Salve Dayao recalls the golden years of Jazz.

Bike Sharing Faces A Roadblock

The promise and problems of Vancouver’s bike-share program.

Script Competition Showcases Canadian Talent

The China Canada Gateway for Film Script Competition offers unique opportunity for Canadians.

Liberal Arts in China

Old versus new methods of education in China.

Spirituality at Work

Three Vancouverites weave Eastern philosophies into their professional lives.

Looking to the Future: International Students in Canada

Increasing the number of international students in Canada without displacing Canadian students.

Crafting Local Beer

Paddy Treavor answers a few questions about craft beer in Vancouver.