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A sailboat racing towards the sunset

Chasing the Sunset

The Vic-Maui Yacht Race takes sailors on an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean.

An illustration of a sailboat on the water

Life on the Waterline

Adventurous live-aboard boaters spend their lives traversing the world’s waterways.

footy players on the field

Fast Flying Footy

Australian football strengthens sport club culture in Canada.

King Kwong

The first Asian player in the NHL.

Mixed Martial Arts

An effective workout with punch.

Golf Girl East & West

On and off the links with local prodigy Sue Kim.

Journey to the Top of the World

Taking on Mount Everest one step at a time.

2010 Now and Then

Vancouver’s real estate market braces itself for the Olympic Games.

Shutter Speed: The Extreme Photography of Toshi Kawano

Toshi Kawano takes to the slopes of Whistler.

One Bored for Another

The Japanese rising class of freeters: the lifestyle at Miyazaki.

A Stronger Community

Harmony through the martial art of aikido.

Breaking Barriers Through Baseball

Honouring the Asahi’s contribution to Japanese-Canadian history.

Not your Mother’s Station Wagon

Getting behind the wheel of Vancouver’s modified car scene.

The Colder Side of B.C.

The West Coast is becoming the hot spot for divers in the fall and winter.

Grappling with Change: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A martial art transplanted.

Don’t Call it Ping Pong

Table tennis comes out of the basement and into the Olympics.

Keeping the Dragons at Bay

Breast cancer survivors row for a cure.

The Pain and Pleasure of Ballroom Dance

Sweat, blood and tears in tripping the light fantastic.

Xtreme Asia

The Asian X Games are growing in popularity and skill.

Fitness with a Punch

The craze over martial arts based fitness classes.

Fast Forward

Fast-forward with Vancouver Canuck’s Steve Kariya.

Boxed Lunch

Muay Thai is an Olympic sport, a business lunch and combat training all in one; plus, you can use your elbows.

Olympic Airs

Snowboarders Lori Glazier and Derek Heidt talk about their emotional roller-coaster ride in Nagano.

Hockey Night in Japan

The NHL scores big on Japanese ice with the first-ever regular season games played outside of North America.

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