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ERP Project – December update

The ERP Project Task Force has had a very busy month and passed a major project milestone since our last update. Read on to learn about the progress we’ve made with the Enterprise Resource Planning Project.

Negotiated Request for Proposal
We have completed work on the negotiated request for proposal document, and received approval from Langara’s Senior Leadership Team and Board of Governors to post it on BC Bid for responses. The completion of that work marks an important milestone for the project, and comes after months of intense work gathering business and technical requirements and drafting all the elements of the NRFP. Thank you very much to everyone who worked on it. The document was posted to BC Bid on Friday December 1. You can see it in full on the BC Bid website.

Over the past few weeks we have also been sharing information about the project with members of the campus community. Project Task Force members have given presentations at Langara Council, Langara Leadership Team, Deans and Division Chairs, and the Chairs and Coordinator’s Luncheon, and are coordinating an upcoming session for the LSU. We are also planning to hold an ERP Lunch & Learn session open to all employees – stay tuned for dates and details. In the meantime, you can view the presentation we have been sharing on the ERP web page.

ERP Program Director Starts
This week we welcome Dorothy Paukste to Langara and the Project Task Force.

Next Steps
The NRFP will close in mid-January, and between now and then the Task Force is working on finalizing the evaluation committees and use case scenarios that shortlisted vendors use during their demonstrations.

Viktor Sokha
VP Finance and Administration
Chair, ERP Project Task Force

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