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QAPA: Quality Week Questions

What You Asked During Quality Week

Langara College’s first Quality Week took place the week of October 25, 2019. Many thanks to all who attended! As promised, many cookies and cups of chai were consumed and invigorating conversations were had about the importance of academic quality and its impact on all we do at the College.Congratulations to Ann Syme, Dean, Faculty of Nursing, for winning a Starbucks gift card.

Representatives from the programs that have launched their reviews this semester or will be launching their reviews next semester were on hand to talk about their program review experiences and how they relate to QAPA. They included: Darren Bernaerdt, Kina Cavicchioli, Tess MacMillan, Laura Cullen, Bradley Hughes, Csilla Tamas and Nora Franzova. Many thanks to each of them for their time and insight.

There were a few recurring questions that we heard at the booth:

  1. When is my program scheduled for program review?
  2. What will the QAPA reviewers be looking for?
  3. How can I learn more about QAPA?
  4. How will QAPA and the evolution of Program Review affect my department?

Most of the answers to these questions can be found here. You can also learn more about Program Review here. If your department would like more in-depth answers to any of these questions, please  invite me to your next departmental meeting. I am happy to discuss all things QAPA related and answer your questions.

Sunita Wiebe
Director, Office of Academic Quality Assurance

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