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Transportation tips for the transit strike

With the ongoing transit strike, getting to work may prove to be more stressful. We’ve provided some tips below to help you prepare and make your trip as smooth as possible, whether you are driving or taking public transportation.

  • Watch the news: changes can happen quickly, so tune in to your favourite news channels to make sure you have the latest updates on the transit strike.
  • Leave earlier if you’re taking public transportation, and plan for buffer time. It’s better to arrive early than late for your class or an important meeting.
  • Consider carpooling: Ask around your department and see if there’s someone along the same route. Parking will become full quickly on campus, and you don’t want to spend precious time circling to find parking.
  • Speaking of parking: Be more cautious in our parking lots. We anticipate increased traffic in our parking lots, so be cautious when driving or walking to avoid accidents.
    • Consider parking further away from campus. There is free parking a few blocks away from campus if you drive a bit further.
    • Reminder: do not park in Permit-Only areas or risk being towed. This includes the YMCA, Langara golf course, and our residential neighbours.
  • Take your bicycle: We’ve had great fall weather, and Langara is located on the beautifully paved Ontario bikeway. Plot out a bike route using Google Maps, and once you arrive, take advantage of our many cycling amenities including showers.
  • Take your scooter / moped / motorcycle: Langara offers free motorcycle parking on the west side of campus by T Building. There’s often plenty of space.
  • Use a carshare program such as Evo or Car2Go. These programs allow for parking in residential permit-only areas which is a bonus.

Above all else, stay safe when coming into work. Everyone is trying to get to their destination, so pay attention on the roads.

Facilities Team

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