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QAPA: First things first

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Our Fall 2020 QAPA site visit can be broken into four stages: Preparation, Institution Report, Site Visit, and Post-Site Visit. In today’s article, we will look at the first stage: Preparation.

In Spring 2020, the Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB) will kick off proceedings with an official briefing and  provide us an estimated timeline for the review process. After the briefing,  DQAB will begin to select our QAPA reviewers, though we will have an opportunity to put forward nominations.

During the Preparation stage, we will gather information about program reviews that have been completed within the last seven years. The College will need to provide DQAB with a schedule of completed reviews and the follow-up actions resulting from those reviews. DQAB will then select a sample of three to five reviews which our QAPA reviewers will use to learn about and assess our academic quality assurance processes. We will also need to include a schedule for the next round of reviews.

To learn more about the QAPA process please view the QAPA Process Map or QAPA Guidebook.

I’m looking forward to sharing more details with you about how this review process works in future editions of the Langara Post! Stay tuned for next week’s article where we will take a closer look at the second stage, the Institution Report.

Sunita Wiebe
QAPA Project Director

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