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Printing costs to be displayed starting April

Hello Colleagues,

Now that the new printers and multi-functional devices have been installed for some time, we will begin displaying some of the reporting features.

Starting Sunday, April 1, users will see a dollar amount when releasing print jobs. For most, this is for informational purposes only. Printing costs will continue to be managed as usual and have not changed.

Employee printing costs* are as follows:

  • Black & white printing: 2.5¢ per page, 5¢ double sided, all paper sizes up to tabloid
  • Colour printing: 15¢ per page, 30¢ double sided, all paper sizes up to tabloid

*Please note colour printing has always been charged to departments, this is not a new cost. B/w printing is only charged to revenue generating departments.

We hope that by displaying the cost of print jobs, staff will have a better understanding of the expense of printing and may seek cost saving measures.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Best Regards,
Mark Adams
Director, Ancillary Services

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