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Academic Division Chair postings

To all Langara faculty members:

I would like to draw your attention to two Division Chair positions that are currently posted in the “Employment Opportunities” section of the College’s website, for the Social Sciences Division, and for the Management Programs Division.

Appointments to these two positions will be for May 1, 2019, but the process is underway now, with an application deadline of Oct 31, 2018 and the selection process taking place during the first three weeks of November 2018, following the process laid out in the LFA Collective Agreement.

I would like to point out that, although a division chair must be a faculty member, it is not necessary for a faculty member to be a member of that division prior to applying for the position.  In fact, there have recently been quite a few examples of division chairs whose “home” department is an a different division.  I would encourage any faculty member with an interest in leadership to seriously consider applying to take on this role.

Please note that, per the Collective Agreement, if a new division chair is selected, that person will normally receive one section (workunit) of ADT for the January 2019 semester to be oriented to the position and to shadow the outgoing division chair, and will be appointed to in initial two-year term.  If an incumbent division chair is re-appointed, it will normally be for a three-year term.

Faculty members in the Social Sciences Division and in the Management Programs Division will be hearing, during next few weeks, from a representative of the LFA about a meeting to choose a divisional representative for the selection committee and to discuss the process for giving faculty input to that representative.  I would urge all faculty in these two divisions to participate in that meeting.

I would be very happy to respond to any questions you may have about the role of the division chair or the selection process.

Martin Gerson, PhD
Provost and Vice-President Academic

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