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Confidential records destruction

A new term has begun and your filing cabinet is bulging with old exams and documents.

How long should you keep those exams? One year, yes only one year!

What do I throw in the confidential bins?

  • Exams, assignments and other student records with names, ID numbers and personal information
  • Resumes, contracts, evaluations and other employees’ personal information
  • Departmental budget and operational planning records
  • Other types of confidential College records
  • (Please no plastic, metal or catalogues.)

Where do I find the confidential bins?   

There are 46 bins located around campus, including:

B243 – Mailroom

A039 – Receiving

Select Faculty computer/copier rooms

Scheduled on-site 2019 destruction dates for the confidential bins:

Every fourth Friday: September 27, October 25, November 22 and December 20

The Records Management and Privacy web page has retention and purge guides to assist you:

  • Annual Year End File Purge Guide
  • Filing Guide for Managers
  • Filing Guide for Regular Faculty

Contact Joanne Rajotte (5660) or Elizabeth Chong (5628)

Records Management and Privacy

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