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Decorating Vancouver

The art of Japanese Zen gardens.

Elements of Tranquility

The art of Japanese Zen gardens.

Harajuku Fashions

Displaying diverse styles from one Tokyo district.

Against the Grain

Admiring natural and timeless ideals in Japanese furniture.

Structural Integrity: Architect Joe Wai

A profile of Chinatown architect Joe Wai.

Spacious Simplicity: The Art of Don Li-Leger

A Vancouver artist brings his canvas to life with Asian and Buddhist imagery.

The Value of Empty: The Artwork of Youngsin Lee

Youngsin Lee explores and challenges the definition of femininity through sculpture.

Play the Dane: Breaking Acting Stereotypes

Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre shakes things up onstage.

Online Journal Comics

Journal comics in cyberspace.

Japanese Grind Music

Japan’s hardcore scene tries out a new tongue.

Handmade Paper

Vancouver artisans revive and age-old craft.

Sounds of Unity: Gamelan

Inside Indonesian orchestral music.

The New Aberdeen Centre

Richmond retail takes on a new look.

Chinese Opera: Vancouver’s Quiet Treasure

The elusive world of Chinese opera in Vancouver.

Textures of Sound

Asian traditions inspire New Music.

Bootleg DVDs

Asian black market connections in BC.

Dragon on your Arm

Indelible mark of tattoo shifts from the fringe to mainstream.

Ikebana: Zen art of flower arranging

Inspired by nature, Ikebana flower arranging attracts contemporary students.

Uzume Taiko

Wild and kinetic; its experimental music transforms drum beats into raw emotion.

Tone and Texture

A look into Eri Ishii’s iridescent canvases.

Balance and Harmony

The incomparable earthenware of Don Hutchinson.

Power & Grace

Jon Kimura Parker; a pianist with the perfect touch.

It’s About Paper

Granville Island’s Paper-Ya is a haven for paper aficionados.

Ceramics of the Middle Kingdom

Information about the Chinese pottery exhibit that took place at the Museum of Anthropology in 2001.

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