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Environmental Report Card

How green is Canada compared to the rest of the Pacific Rim?

Grown Within City Limits

The advantages of small plot farms in Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Facing The Flats

The hazards and opportunities of developing in the False Creek Flats.

Invasive Debris

Troublesome foreign species wash into West Coast waters.

Environment 2012

2012 Environment report on Oil and Green Plans in Canada.


Japan 2012: one year after the disaster and the clean-up effort continues.


A look at environmental facts from countries around the Pacific Rim.

Science or Slaughter

A careful look at the Japanese whaling problem.

Project Seahorse

The little creature spurring on big change.

Sayama Forest

Keeping it lush and magical for generations to come.


What some countries within the Pacific Rim are doing to reduce their impact on our planet.

The Naked Truth About Denim

Nudie Jeans Co., from Sweden, utilize Japanese selvedge denim to create a social consciousness.

Peril in the Jungle

Palm oil plantations put Indonesia’s orangutans in danger.

Loved to Death

Slow and steady is losing the race: the efforts to save the world’s turtles.

Colour Me Koi

Vancouver embraces an eastern treasure.

A Price Too High

An inhumane ritual threatens the global shark population.

Building Foundations

B.C. develops a market for wood-frame construction in China.

Flowers of Asia

The cultural significance of Asia’s flowers.

Gardening the Rough

The restoration of a historical West Coast garden.

A Hazy View

Long-range air pollutants cross the Pacific to Vancouver.

Sustainable Solutions

Green genius at work at the David Suzuki Foundation.

Magnetic Future

Faster than a speeding bullet-train, able to levitate over tall tracks with a single run…it’s Maglev.

Losing Ground

Thailand’s domestic elephants struggle to survive in a post-logging economy.

BC Lumber Building Japan

When the eastern U.S. market dried up for the province’s forest industry, B.C.’s wood producers found a market farther east: the Far East.

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