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Balance and Harmony
Masthead 2001

List of contributors to the 2001 issue.

Food Fight

Iron Chef TV show pits talented chefs against each other in an hour-long cook-off.

Sustainable Solutions

Green genius at work at the David Suzuki Foundation.

Mail-Order Brides

Lifting the veil on the issues of Filipino mail-order brides.

The Pain and Pleasure of Ballroom Dance

Sweat, blood and tears in tripping the light fantastic.

Power & Grace

Jon Kimura Parker; a pianist with the perfect touch.

Balance and Harmony

The incomparable earthenware of Don Hutchinson.

Tone and Texture

A look into Eri Ishii’s iridescent canvases.

Uzume Taiko

Wild and kinetic; its experimental music transforms drum beats into raw emotion.

Mixed Matrimony

A couple celebrates both a traditional western wedding and a Vietnamese ceremony.

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Coupling Cultures

Conversations with couples in biracial relationships.

Xtreme Asia

The Asian X Games are growing in popularity and skill.

Video-Game Violence

What are we teaching our kids?


History behind the mandarin orange.

Japanese Style Tribes

A look at Japanese fashion in Vancouver.

Fitness with a Punch

The craze over martial arts based fitness classes.

Magnetic Future

Faster than a speeding bullet-train, able to levitate over tall tracks with a single run…it’s Maglev.


A new breed of Asian-Canadians is taking on the world.


Shamantic tales of Eastern Russia.

Hostage to Heritage

A historic Vancouver community is held hostage to heritage.

Ancient Science of the Orient

7,000 years of the Chinese technology.

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The Drive

Art and culture is alive on Commercial Drive.

It’s About Paper

Granville Island’s Paper-Ya is a haven for paper aficionados.

Tangerine, the Green Room, and Raku

Reviews of Vancouver restaurant’s Tangerine, Raku and the Green Room.

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