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Colourful mosquito nets

Travelling in a New Direction

Community-based tourism is a responsible way to travel, preserving a destination community’s culture and environment.

Bingsoo, a Korean dessert

Food Street

Alexandra Road in Richmond, BC, is home to over 70 restaurants featuring authentic cuisine from all over Asia.

chinatown buildings

Preserving Chinatown

An investigation into the ongoing housing crisis of Vancouver’s Chinatown and Downtown East Side, and the groups trying to solve it.

boa food

Casual Asian Fusion at Bao Down

Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, exotic flavour pairings, and heavenly tempura tempt even the fussiest diner to try more.

kale on a plate

A Modern Take on Japanese Classics at Zipang Provisions

The blending of Japanese comfort food and Western cuisine results in an innovative culinary adventure for Vancouver diners.

asian actors

Asian Cinema on the Rise

Asian films are gaining critical and audience acclaim, overcoming political and commercial challenges.

Illustration of festival themed posters for Yanshui, Nebuta Matsuri. Loi Krathong, Inti Raymi, Duanwu, and Ati-atihan.

Let’s Celebrate

From dragon boat races in China to ancient Incan rituals in Peru, the Pacific Rim is rich in celebrations. Take a quick trip around the region and discover what festivals these diverse nations have to offer.

King of Gamelan

Musicologist Michael Tenzer on his passion for Balinese orchestra.

Here’s to Your Skin

A new fad for the perfect complexion.


A look at environmental facts from countries around the Pacific Rim.


Travel information about countries in South East Asia.

Globe-trotting: Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

Travel info about the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

Journey to the Top of the World

Taking on Mount Everest one step at a time.

placeholder image

Lights, Camera, Festival!

Showcasing talent in the Asian-Canadian film industry.

Tremendous Twigs

A guide to the art and etiquette of chopsticks.

Importing Flavour

Getting Pacific Rim ingredients from ship to shore.

Satellite Kids

Learning in a land far from the apron strings.


What some countries within the Pacific Rim are doing to reduce their impact on our planet.

The Art of Taiga Chiba

Taiga Chiba finds beauty in the unexpected.

The Precision of Beauty

A new look at double eyelid surgery.

The Future of E-Communication

Vancouver-based InSpot Development’s new technology is blurring cultural boundaries.

Discover the Pacific Rim

Facts and vacation tips for the discerning traveller (China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand)

Travel Facts

Japan, China, Cambodia & Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand & Philippines, Vietnam & Burma

Changing Names

Discussing the link between name changing and cultural identity.

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