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2018 Pacific Blue Cross health challenge

The Challenge to be healthy in 2018 is officially underway!

All Langara employees are invited to enter the Pacific Blue Cross Health Challenge,  by pledging a New Year’s health resolution from one of the three following categories: Eating Healthy, Exercising, or Quitting Smoking. Once you’ve determined your resolution, choose an emoji that shows how you plan achieve it (i.e. bike to work if your resolution is to exercise). Participants are required to gather on-line votes of support from friends, family and co-workers. Those with the most votes on Wednesday, January 31 in each category will win $2,018 in Health Cash to spend on whatever keeps them healthy. Pacific Blue Cross will reimburse Health Cash winners up to $2,018 for products or services tied to improving their health, like gym memberships, new bikes or smoothie makers, etc. Click here to enter the challenge!

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