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Sep 27 – Philosophers’ Jam

Do you enjoy thinking about what others say as much as they enjoy arguing their own views?

The Langara College Department of Philosophy invites you to attend Philosophers’ Jam, a forum for the expression of provocative ideas. This dialogue series is intended for people who want to discuss ideas but whose busy lives prevent them from signing up for a credit course.

Philosophers’ Jams are free and open to all Langara faculty, staff, and students, as well as anyone in the Vancouver community. Bring a friend or colleague and see you at the next Jam session!

From The Inside: Private Experience within an Embodied Brain
Liam Dempsey 

Thursday, September 27
7:00 pm–9:00 pm
A Building, Employee Lounge

In this talk, I will be giving a naturalistic account of the privacy of conscious experience. The first section is a historical refresher concerning the early modern emphasis on the privacy of experience starting with Descartes. The second section sketches an account of mind-brain identity that accommodates the first-person perspective. The third section has to do with the emergence of agency and perspective within self-maintaining, embodied creatures such as ourselves.

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Katharine Browne
Coordinator, Philosophers’ Jam

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