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Announcing 2019/2020 education leaves

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that the following individuals have been awarded educational leave for 2019/20:

Choji Hayashi (Modern Languages) has been granted a 6-month full-time leave to teach Global Studies, and Debate and Discussion as a sessional instructor in the Department of Global Studies, Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan.

Robin Macqueen (Physics and Astronomy) has been granted a 6-month full-time leave to complete his research on renewable energy installations in Vancouver and elsewhere in BC.  He had previously taken a partial education leave to research renewable energy in 2013 and created the PHYS 1124 course.

Suzi Webster (Fine Arts) has been granted a 12-month full time leave to work on a multi-channel video that explores truth and reconciliation in Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, as well as to serve as Artist-In-Residence at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, USA.

Annually, funds for educational leave are allocated in accordance with the Collective Agreement between the College and the Langara Faculty Association.  Education leaves enable successful candidates to pursue educational or professional development recognized as beneficial to the College.

The quality of this year’s applicants is noteworthy and exemplifies the expertise of Langara’s instructors. Please join me in congratulating these individuals for this fine achievement and extending good luck and best wishes as they embark on these endeavours.  I would also like to thank and recognize the Educational Leave Committee of Ann Syme, Alison Curtis, Jennifer Poole and Tess MacMillan for their stellar work in this process.

Ben Cecil, Ph.D.
Provost & VP, Academic and Students

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