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Workday@Langara Viewpoint: Dawn Palmer, Change Management

In addition to our status updates on Workday@Langara, we’ll also be sharing viewpoints individuals from across our community who have roles within the project. Here, Dawn Palmer, former Vice-President of People Services, shares her thoughts.

If you’ve been wondering why you are still seeing me on campus following a fabulous retirement party in February, it’s because I have taken on a new role at the College: Organizational Change Management (OCM) Lead for Workday@Langara.

I decided to take on this role after leaving my position of VP, People Services (now People and Culture), because I believe this project will have a tremendous effect on the people I have worked with over the past several years.

Workday@Langara is going to change how we do day-to-day tasks, how we work together and how our College operates. This amount of change can be challenging to navigate as a community, a team and an individual. I wanted to be a part of helping faculty, staff and students throughout the process.

In my long career in Human Resources, I’ve been involved in many projects like this that involved large-scale changes to how organizations operated. These kinds of initiatives are impossible to avoid or ignore because they are critical to sustaining all institutions, including our College. With challenge, comes opportunity – for improvement, renewal and progress.

My role and that of our change management team is to support our entire community as we make this transition. We’re here to listen to you, keep you updated and informed, and provide training and other resources. Our job is to make this change easier for you.

Over the past few months, the amount of work being done by our ever-growing team – now 42 part- and full-time staff – is truly impressive. We’ve brought together people from so many different areas of the College and seeing the collaboration and knowledge-sharing is amazing!

As tempting as it would be to spend the next few years enjoying my retirement, I’m glad I made the decision to stay at the College in a new and exciting role, and to join all of you on this journey.

Dawn Palmer
Organizational Change Management (OCM) Lead

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