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Jun 13 – Expert Blind Spot: Unpacking the Curse of Knowledge

Discover why, as experts in the subject matters we teach, we all have blind spots. Becoming aware of our blind spots can reduce the perplexities we face as educators. If you have ever:

  • given students a simple assignment and then been surprised that most students were not able to complete it correctly or needed a lot of assistance,
  • felt like you weren’t exactly sure what your students needed to know to complete a task successfully,

this workshop is for you!

On Thursday June 13th, TCDC will host an interactive workshop on identifying our expert blind spots. This session will offer tools to design course assessments and tasks that foster greater student success. Participants are encouraged to bring an example of a course assignment, test question, or learning outcome to the workshop.

Register through the TCDC website.

Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre

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