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New fee payment portal

The College will be launching a new fee payment portal, powered by Shopify, to securely collect administrative fees for services offered through the Registrar’s Office or through Continuing Studies. All paper forms that previously collected credit card information are being replaced with new fillable pdfs.

What forms are changing?
All application and miscellaneous fee forms have been updated to fillable pdfs and fields for credit card information have been deleted. The fee payment portal is planned to launch at the end of July, and after a brief transition phase old forms will no longer be accepted by email.

Students applying to regular studies programs are still encouraged to apply online through Education Planner BC (EPBC). Continuing Studies programs, including full-time programs and LEAP, are not on EPBC so applicants are required to submit an application form. The new application forms allow students to apply for any program at the College that has an application fee. There are two forms, one for domestic applicants and one for international applicants.

A complete list of the forms that can be submitted through the Langara Fee Payment portal, is listed below:

  • Domestic application form
  • International application form

RS forms

  • Transfer Credit Request
  • Confirmation of Eligibility to Graduate
  • Graduation Application
  • Parchment Replacement Request

CS forms

  • CS Confirmation of Enrolment Letter
  • CS LEAP Confirmation of Enrolment Letter
  • CS Official Transcript Request
  • CS Confirmation of Eligibility to Graduate
  • CS Graduation Application
  • CS Parchment Replacement Request
  • LET registration form

What does this mean for students?
Students will have access to the new fillable pdfs with instructions to submit through the Langara Fee Payment portal and a fillable pdf must be uploaded to process the order. Other options for submission include in person, or by mail with a cheque. Continuing Studies students can also pay by phone.

What does this mean for employees?
New procedures have been identified for Registrar and Enrolment Services and Finance for processing miscellaneous student payments, reconciling student accounts, and issuing refunds.

New forms and webpages will be centrally updated when the Langara Fee Payment portal is live. To ensure the correct version of the fillable pdf is available for universal updates, each form will have only one file hosted on Langara’s server and all links to that form will go to that one file. All old paper forms will be removed from the server so they are not accessible through search. Also, please remove any templates of old forms you may have in your files.

Why are we implementing a fee payment portal?
The fee payment portal is the final step to ensure the College is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant with the handling of credit card data.

An update will be posted when the portal is live. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Irina Bobovski or Melia Fernandez.

Shopify Project Team

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