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Langara Facilities – summer/fall 2019 at a glance

As we swing into the summer season, we would like to provide you with an overview of our projects we are currently working on as well as a look ahead to what you can expect in the fall. Renovations and upgrades continue to dominate a majority of our resources and time, and therefore, as a reminder:

If you have a Facilities related request, please email, and our staff will fulfill the request on priority order. You can also visit our liaison contact page if you are unsure of who to contact for your request (however, please note that you will still need to submit your request to

Current Renovations

  • Drainage upgrade follow-up (southeast corner of B Building): Follow-up for the project is expected to start this Friday and continue through July, mostly in the evenings. We do not anticipate any major disruptions or changes in traffic patterns.
  • Continuing Studies Front Counter (A Building 1st Floor): Ongoing to end of August.
  • Psychology Renovation (A266 & A267): Ongoing to end of August.
  • AV / Old IMS (Building C South, 2nd Floor): Ongoing to end of August.
  • A Building roofing project: Roofing upgrades continue and will be ongoing through August.
  • International Education (A Building, 1st floor): Renovations began in late May, and are ongoing to December 2019.
  • Ed Tech / TCDC (Building C North, 2nd Floor): Renovations are ongoing through December 2019.

Upcoming Renovations

  • House post benches: To create additional outdoor seating, two more benches will be added to area surrounding the house post between the end of July to end of August.
  • Starbucks (L Building, 1st Floor): Renovations are scheduled for Aug 29-Sep 9.

Facilities Department

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