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Intercultural communication grants

Congratulations to the following employees who applied and successfully received a grant to complete an online intercultural communications course offered through UBC Extended Learning.

  • Sukhmandeep Bassi
  • Denise Busayong
  • Emma Courtney
  • Briana Fraser
  • Dolores Gambroudes
  • Oren Lupo
  • Chinnie Ma
  • Kathryn Nairne
  • Nimmy Nelson
  • Catharine O’Brien-Bell
  • Anna Smith
  • Shelley-Anne Vidal
  • Joyce Wong

The grants were distributed by the Office of Internationalization to support the implementation of the College’s internationalization strategy. One of the strategic objectives to support employees is to ensure that time, training, and resources are available for employees to incorporate an intercultural dimension on campus.

The course, Strategies for Effective Intercultural Communication, is a pre-requisite for the UBC Award of Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion, the UBC Award of Achievement in Intercultural Communication, and the UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies.

Additional grants will be available for the January 2020 course. Look for an announcement in late November with application instructions.

The full internationalization strategy is available on the website and more implementation updates will be shared through The Langara Post. If you would like to request a department visit to understand more about upcoming initiatives, please send an email to

Daryl Smith
Director, Office of Internationalization

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