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Lane Trotter

Navigating change

A message from our President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Lane Trotter.

Dear colleagues,

Fall is always a busy time at the College and this year will be no exception. In addition to the many activities that accompany the start to the school year, there will be a number of important changes coming between now and January 2020 that will affect how we work and how the College operates.

Currently, under the leadership of Dave Cresswell, our IT Department is implementing a number of important and necessary changes.

We’re improving our data security by introducing 2-Factor Authentication to better protect the personal information of our students, faculty, instructors, and staff. We are migrating myLangara to a SharePoint site this November, and the Langara Post will be moved behind a login so that our internal news is more secure.

Workday@Langara, our ERP project, will launch our new Finance and People and Culture systems on January 6, 2020. This will change how we manage our personal information at the College, as well as how we complete daily administrative tasks such as hiring new faculty and purchasing supplies. While it won’t launch until January, there will be important dates, deadlines and activities over the next few months – please see what’s ahead for the project this fall and what is changing for you on the project website.

We recognize that this is a lot of change, taking place over a short period of time. Some of these changes are driven by external forces, such as threats to our cybersecurity, and require a quick response. Others changes, like our transition to Workday, are a necessary step forward for our College.

Your colleagues who are working on these initiatives are doing incredible work to make these transitions as easy for you as they can. They are committed to making the right decisions for our College and community. Throughout the fall, they will continue to present to teams and departments across the College, answer your questions, and keep you up to date.

We will be continually looking for ways to support you through this period of change, and I feel confident that you can count on your colleagues and your leaders for support as well.

You can help make these changes successful by watching for important communications, attending events and training opportunities, and – most importantly – being open to new technology and new ways of working. Thank you for all that you do for the College and for your ongoing support.

Lane Trotter
President & CEO

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