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Alligator Illustration

Diversity Threatened

The plight of a few endangered species (such as the Javan rhinoceros and giant panda) has been widely publicized, but there are many lesser-known species across the Pacific Rim which are facing similar threats.

A blueprint-style illustration of a pipeline

On the Line

As tensions surrounding B.C.’s pipelines and resource extraction sites rise, opponents unite to take a stand.

creative concept illustrating the endangerment of sharks

The Fin Appeal

Researchers, activists and shark experts weigh in to broaden the dialogue surrounding shark conservation.

an illustration of a shark with mouth open

Debunking Jaws

The great white shark is not the villainous, vengeful killer Hollywood would have you believe.

An illustration of the Fukushima nuclear power plant

The Daiichi Dilemma

Fears of radioactive contamination remain as Fukushima attempts to rebuild.

An illustration of a man wrapped in a blanket made of bottles

Reincarnating Bottles

Plastic waste provides humanitarian relief when upcycled into new textiles.

An illustrated Canadian maple leaf

Falling Behind

Canada’s rankings in environmental regulation and protection take a steep dive.

Facing The Flats

The hazards and opportunities of developing in the False Creek Flats.

Invasive Debris

Troublesome foreign species wash into West Coast waters.

Environment 2012

2012 Environment report on Oil and Green Plans in Canada.

Growing Pains

The impact of booming Asian trade on local communities.

Science or Slaughter

A careful look at the Japanese whaling problem.

Sayama Forest

Keeping it lush and magical for generations to come.

Project Seahorse

The little creature spurring on big change.

Walk This Way

Carfree Vancouver works to reclaim the city’s concrete.

Peril in the Jungle

Palm oil plantations put Indonesia’s orangutans in danger.

The Language Map

Documenting the world’s words with the Rosetta Project.

Loved to Death

Slow and steady is losing the race: the efforts to save the world’s turtles.

A Price Too High

An inhumane ritual threatens the global shark population.

Gardening the Rough

The restoration of a historical West Coast garden.

The Horse that Beat the Odds

The Kamloops Wildlife Park aids in the rescue of a rare breed.

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