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Vacation scheduling

Taking time off is important to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. If you haven’t scheduled your vacation entitlement for 2017, we encourage you to speak with your supervisor, manager, or department chair as soon as possible.

Accrued vacation is to be taken within the year it is earned. Each employee group has unique vacation entitlement and carryover allowances; please refer to your respective Collective Agreement or Terms of Employment for details:

  • CUPE members are permitted some carryover, in alignment with Article XIV A.2.
  • Administrators may carry over up to a maximum of their vacation entitlement.
  • LFA members must receive approval for any carryover requests, in accordance with

With appropriate approval, CUPE staff and administrators who exceed their vacation carryover allowances in 2017 will be paid out the excess balance in February 2018.

To view your current vacation balance, visit >Employee Information>Leave Information.

If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources Consultant.

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